Do Public Safety Organizations Need Online Data and Offline Capability?

October 30, 2023

Mikael Erneberg

In the past, most supporting systems for public safety were fully offline or, at best, tied to Tetra or P25 networks for limited data transmission. However, with the increasing demand for real-time data and digitalization, public safety systems have grown increasingly reliant on connectivity. In this blog post, we explore the question of whether this reliance is beneficial and how to ensure that public safety organizations can harness online functionality while preserving essential offline capability.

The Evolution of Public Safety Systems

Public safety has come a long way since the days of relying solely on radio communications and manual record-keeping. As the world becomes more interconnected, the demand for timely information and digital solutions in the public safety sector has risen significantly. However, this transformation has presented a dilemma: Should public safety organizations lean heavily on online systems, or is there a way to maintain essential offline capabilities?

The Challenge of Connectivity Dependency

In the past, public safety systems were primarily offline or connected through specialized radio networks like Tetra or P25. These systems are suitable for basic communication and data sharing, but they have limitations.

Public safety agencies now require access to real-time data, multimedia communication, and digital tools that can aid them in decision-making and improve their workflow. These demands have led to an increased reliance on internet connectivity and online solutions. Today, we even see solutions in the market that are fully reliant on a stable online connection. It may be an attractive and cost-efficient solution at first but is this reliance a pitfall?

The Dilemma: Balancing Online and Offline Capabilities

Public safety organizations operate in diverse and dynamic environments. They must respond to crises and incidents in urban areas, remote rural locations, and everywhere in between. Furthermore, they must continue functioning in the time of crisis. The challenge lies in finding a way to provide the benefits of online functionality while safeguarding against potential pitfalls, such as:

1. Connectivity Disruptions: In crisis situations, natural disasters, or remote areas, reliable internet connectivity may not be available, leaving public safety personnel without vital data and communication tools.

2. Cybersecurity Concerns: Depending too heavily on online systems can expose public safety agencies to cybersecurity risks. A cyberattack can disrupt operations and compromise sensitive information.

The Solution: A Seamless Hybrid Approach

Evam has recognized the importance of addressing this dilemma, and we have developed a true hybrid solution that seamlessly integrates online functionality with offline capability. This innovative approach ensures that public safety organizations can harness the advantages of real-time data and digitalization while preserving their ability to operate in offline or low-connectivity environments.

Benefits of the Seamless Hybrid Approach:

1. Uninterrupted Access: In times of crisis or in remote areas, public safety personnel can access critical information without reliance on internet connectivity.

2. Resilience to Disruptions: Public safety agencies can reduce their vulnerability to connectivity disruptions, ensuring continuous operations during emergencies.

3. User friendliness: Evam's hybrid solution swaps between online and offline seamlessly without the user noticing it. When connectivity is restored, the system updates the offline data with any changes made during offline operations. This ensures that the information remains accurate and up to date.


In a rapidly evolving world, public safety faces the challenge of striking the right balance between online functionality and offline capability. Evam's seamless hybrid solution is the answer, offering uninterrupted access, resilience in crises, and user-friendly transitions between online and offline modes. With Evam, public safety embraces the benefits of the digital age while safeguarding reliability.

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