Evam Next 2022-11-10: Where Innovations on the Evam Platform are Presented

November 10, 2022

We are continually advancing our platform to provide our users with an enhanced experience and better tools to excel in their roles.

At Evam, we operate on development cycles of approximately 4 months, which means that about 3 times a year, we release new functionality on our platform. This may involve new features, new apps, improvements to existing apps, or a combination of these. With Evam Next, we take the opportunity to present these enhancements to all of you.

Agenda for Evam Next 2022-11-10

1. Introduction to Evam Next

2. Innovation: New Features in the Navigation App

3. Innovation: New Features in the Case Management App

4. Innovation: Updates on Notification Functionality

5. Innovation: New Shortcut Center

6. Enhanced Product Architecture Paving the Way for Future Development

7. Evam for Third-Party Developers - Develop Your Own App or Utilize Your Favorite App within the Evam Platform

8. Ongoing Platform Enhancements

9. Q&A Session

Duration: 60 minutes

(The Webinar is held in Swedish)

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