The platform
changing what first responders can do

Evam is an emergency vehicle software platform with a collection of apps. It is optimized for the needs of first responders. Helps you to stay in control. Is usable. And powers you into the digital world.

Evam OS


Evam OS is the operating system for first responders. It is the core of the platform letting you use all services within one user friendly environment. With endless possibilities we fundamentally rethink how special vehicles work.

Evam Platform

Introducing the Evam Platform

Evam platform is the software solution for first responders. It is letting you use all services within one user friendly environment. With endless possibilities we fundamentally rethink how special vehicles work.


Usable technology. For you.

With usability at the core the Evam Platform works with you. Automated actions and smart notifications support you. A user interface tailored for safe emergency driving reduces the risk of traffic accidents. Automatically adapts for day and night, driving and not driving.

Powers you.
And your emergency vehicle.

When an emergency vehicle goes from just working to supporting you it is Evam that makes it happen. Through one platform and a collection of apps Evam integrates your current solutions into one solution. Usable, Flexible, and Integrated.  With Evam your emergency vehicle can do more than just working, it will power you to focus on what’s important.

Pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Evam is an open platform for carefully selected developers or yourself. It means that more people can experiment, develop, and contribute to create things that the industry has never seen before. Evam is a platform integrating all your legacy systems.

Developed by you

Fill your specific need. Easily design, develop and release your own app. Tailored and exclusive for your organisation.

We are here to help

When you need us, we are here to help. We continuously monitor the state of your services to keep you running.

Designed with security in mind

Designed with security at core.
All communication is end-to-end authenticated and encrypted.

Fits you and your vehicle

Easily integrate it into your vehicle. Large screen, small screen, horizontal or vertical. It all automatically and seamlessly adapts to your preference.

Extended to multiple
screens and touchpoints.

Simply extend the environment across multiple screens. Improved collaboration within the vehicle. Flexible through peer-to-peer WiFi. Secured by PKI.

Multi-task. And cooperate.

View any app without disturbing the navigation. Split screen functionality lets you view multiple apps simultaneously. Full-screen, half-screen, or small screen. Simply change and chose the preferred option for you with the swipe of a finger.

Notifications. Notifies you.

Notifications notify you of the most critical happenings smartly adapted for the situation you’re in. Condensed information while driving to keep your eyes on the road. Rich information while standing still to give you all the information that you need.

Shortcut center.
Easily accessible quick functions.

The most important functions are available just one click away. Send the next status. Open a gate. Or tune to the assigned radio channel. All one click away.


A collection
of apps

Carefully selected apps tailored for first responders. Designed and developed by us. Or chose to use apps from our carefully selected, quality approved third-party developers. Possibilities are endless.


A collection of Apps

Carefully selected apps tailored for first responders. Designed and developed by us. Or chose to use apps from our carefully selected, quality approved third-party developers. Possibilities are endless.

Our Applications


Shows the way

Knows where you are going. Automatically sets your destination address based on the dispatch.

Live traffic and accurate routes

Avoid congestions and arrive faster through use of live traffic data collected from multiple sources.

Multiple map layers

View the map in 2D, 3D, satellite view or a combination of two. Gives you optimal situational awareness.


Designed for emergency driving. Optimized user interface tailored for safe emergency driving.

Live updating map. Immediately knows about road changes or road works. Found a problem in the map? Let us know and your map is updated within 24h.

Avoid low bridges. Set the height of the vehicle and remove the risk of passing a bridge that is too low.

Turn by turn guidance. You see exactly which lane to use for upcoming maneuvers, avoiding last minute lane changes, and delays caused by missed turns.

Gates and barriers. Utilize geo-fences to open doors, gates, and barriers.

High precision localization. We enhance your location to better guide you in urban environments with poor GPS signal and through complex maneuvers that traditionally make guidance confusing — such as tunnels, sharp turns, narrow exits, and adjacent parallel roads.

Add a control point. Automatically from dispatch or manually. Add a control point to your route.

Clear maps. Highlights the building you’re going to. Helps you find the right door directly. Zoom in and pan though simple finger gestures.

Clear overview. Through the press of a button a clear overview of your route is presented.

Offline coverage. Areas of no connectivity. No problem. The maps you need are always available offline.

Address book. Organization wide address book gives you easy access to the most used addresses.


Your Operation is our mission. As a spider in the web the Operation app sits at the center and handles your call-out. Integrated with the dispatch central it gives you the information that you need. In the way you want it.


Integrates with dispatch

Simply retrieves up do date information from the dispatch central. Presented as a timeline. Gives you a clear picture of the call-out.

Smartly update your status

The next status is automatically suggested. Or manually send one of your predefined statuses to the dispatch central.

See other units on the call

See other vehicles on the same call-out as you. Their status, role and estimated time of arrival is simply accessible.


Designed for emergency driving. Optimized user interface tailored for safe emergency driving.

Presents information in a usable way. A timeline gives you a clear picture of the call-out. Information is prioritized and presented for maximum usability.

Handle multiple callouts simultaneously and chose the active one. Gives you an overview of your assigned callouts.

History. See the history of previous callouts during a selected time. Timestamps for all your actions helps you with documentation.

Linked to other apps. Start a new navigation directly from the operations app.

Updates your radio channel automatically. Automatically controls your communication radio, turning it to the chosen channel for the call-out.


Connects you to the growing amount of connected European infrastructure. Automatically control traffic lights giving you green light when approaching an intersection.


Gives you green light

Based on your active navigation, intersections ahead are cleared well-in time, giving you a smoother, safer, and faster journey.

Improved traffic safety

Avoiding red-light driving improves traffic safety by up to 70% while shortening the response times

Standardised and growing

V2I connects you to the growing amount of connected European infrastructure. It is standardized and the number of controllable intersections grows continuously.


No user action is needed. While you drive we automatically work in the background to clear the route ahead.

Designed with data privacy in mind. Following the European standards the vehicle position is anonymized and the route is obfuscated.


Your secure solution for hassle-free live video sharing to Vehicle Services. Experience the convenience of instant and secure video sharing.

Certified app developed by Modirum


Live videostream

Get a live videostream directly in Vehicle Services.

Get a real-time overview.

See the incident scene in real-time. Video from body cameras, vehicles, and drones.

Monitor Multiple Sectors

Place cameras in different sectors and monitor real-time developments from one location.

Street View

Instantly access Street View. The app swiftly takes you to the location, offering a visual perspective of surroundings. Enjoy the convenience of immediate Street View access with the Street View app


See the Destination

View the destination as a street view. Quickly form an understanding of the destination.

Pan around

Pan around to comprehend the incident scene. Gain new perspectives.

Move the view along the street

Provides an unparalleled overview of the destination. Prepares you for the operation.


Act swiftly and appropriately at cases involving HazMat. Search for name, UN-number and more to find information about the HazMat.


Flexible search

Search for name, UN-number, EG-number or CAS-number. The search engine will suggest you matching chemicals.

Based on data from MSB

Based on up to date data from MSB - Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Information includes: “Marking and Identity”, “Rescue”, “Medical”, “Physical data” and “Environmental concerns”

Available offline

Seamless Access: Online or Offline.


Handle Tetra, Telephone, Intercom, and Messages directly in Vehicle Services. Easily manage and customize



Make Simplex and Duplex calls easily. Send callback requests and manage your talk groups


Make phone calls over the mobile network. Easily configure new contacts.


Keep each other updated. Intercom between the personnel in the vehicle


Receive and read messages from other Tetra users

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